"Full Circle "

The Life and Chronicles of Master Artist John Kelly


The call was irresistible. He felt it deep within his soul and in every fiber of his being. It was a call that had lured many to their deaths  but it was in his blood and in his heritage and in his blood line. His father had answered the call before him and now it was his turn. At age 17, he couldn’t wait to finish school, he just had to go now, he had to answer his call to the sea He quit  high school in 11’th grade  and using his union credentials, John Kelly hired onto ships transiting the intercostal waterway from Glacier Bay to Seattle. He had finally made it to the sea, as his father had done so many years before
     Master Artist and Seafarer John Patrick Kelly spent his youth in shipyards, watching his Dad transform metal ribs, plates, rivets  and bulkheads into masterpieces of beauty. He watched the magic of shipbuilding unfold before front of him while the magic in his hands and fingers and eyes transformed the ships, rivers and shipyards into drawings on paper  for all to see, for posterity He has oft times been referred to as the “Maritime Painter”, a title that describes much of his early work but it barely touches the surface of his skills as an artist. He has traveled the world capturing its beauty  and mystery onto canvas using pencil, pastels, oils and  acrylic. John Patrick Kelly is just as adept at tying a “Bowl a Bight” knot on the decks of an Alaskan Freighter as he is painting a scene of a cable car emerging from a fog bank on Hyde Street in San Francisco.
     The story of John Kelly the seaman and John Kelly the artist unfolds inside. Lets take a look and ask ourselves,

“Who is John Kelly?”


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